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Welcome, Radar readers!

Easter Monday.  The eggs have been hunted, the lamb roasted, and the heads bitten off chocolate bunnies everywhere.  Those most fanciful of couture confections, Easter bonnets, have been taken off parade and stored in hatboxes until next year.  And while the lilies still decorating many churches "toil not, neither do they spin," the rest of us have to get back to work.

This return to business as usual presumably includes the evangelical Christian couple that owns Forever 21.  Their fast-fashion chain is notable for 2 things:  the Bible verse printed on its plastic bags and the large number of lawsuits claiming that its success is the product of intellectual property theft.  Reporter Jeff Koyen explores this irony in a recent Radar magazine profile.  (And yes, those quotes are from your favorite law prof.)

As Jeff notes, the public response of Forever 21 to various legal charges appears to be an evasion of responsibility.  Copyright infringement is said to be under the purview of the company's fabric vendors; sweashop labor violations are ostensibly the business of the company's suppliers.  Privately, however, Forever 21 has settled at least some of these lawsuits. 

"And why take ye thought for rainment?"  Perhaps because, with a few cut corners, it pays so well -- despite the legal fees.

Photo by Andrew Dunn