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Welcome Village Voice readers!

Lynn YaegerIt's not in Counterfeit Chic's nature to agree to disagree.  Being punished for "talking back" was a characteristic feature of my otherwise bookish and unrebellious childhood -- and perhaps the germ of my parents' impression that I'd be a good candidate for the lawyer in the family. 

When it comes to someone as intelligent, personable, and dedicated to fashion as Village Voice columnist Lynn Yaeger, however, I may have to make a rare exception.  And I certainly have to send you over to Lynn's most recent piece, for which she and I had a conversation about Oscar knockoffs. 

I still find it a bit odd that someone who's cultivated such an iconic personal image as Lynn -- love, love the Goyard tote customized with her portrait  -- wouldn't oppose fakes.  I'm also surprised that, as the fashion oracle of such  a celebrated alternative, downtown media outlet, she'd endorse derivative mass production.  I'd rather she inspired her readers to develop their own creativity, whatever the mainstream commercial trends might be. 

With so many aspiring young designers watching Project Runway and taking fashion seriously as a creative medium, why settle for looking like a bad copy of an overstyled celebrity on prom night?  Get creative, ladies!  (As I may have mentioned to Lynn, John Hughes' tooth-achingly sweet 1986 movie, Pretty in Pink, in which the impecunious Molly Ringwald character is forced to make her own prom dress but gets the guy anyway, should be required watching for the teen fashionista.) 

Lynn and I do agree on one thing, though:  She'd look amazing in Tilda Swinton's flowing Lanvin on the way to the podium to accept a Pulitzer. 

Thanks, Lynn!