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April is the Cruellest Month

With spring weather, the season's new fashions are finally coming out of the closet -- and the knockoffs are close behind.  Judging from the Counterfeit Chic mailbox, perennial copyist Steve Madden appears to be having a particularly prolific period. 

Avid reader Elizabeth Marsh noticed Giuseppe Zanotti's satin roses (left) blooming on Steve Madden's "Blosommm" sandals:

The superfabulous Manolo (via StyleBakery Teen) recorded another entry in Madden's "ledger of shame," a copy of the Balenciaga Sportiletto (left):

And the stylish and studious Justina Lopez bagged Madden's version of Tory Burch's new tote (left) -- presumably manufactured with metal discs leftover from Madden's previous design raid

Many thanks to the astute Madden-watchers -- and here's wishing end-of-April showers on the flimsy fakes.