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Couture in Court 7

For those who prefer briefs to boxers, a periodic collection of fashionable events in the judicial system:

U.S. Polo Association's double horsemen logo

Ralph Lauren's Polo pony

In court, the beauty biz can get ugly:

All that glitters may not be gold:

And maybe it's all the printed flowers springing up this season, but textile manufacturers seem particularly allergic to copyright infringement:

Finally, the most frequently mentioned "couture in court" over the past week was probably not the subject of a lawsuit, but the outfit worn by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling as the plaintiff and star witness in a copyright action.  The New York Times described her ensemble unusually as a "black dress and pinstriped suit," the New York Post as a brown pinstriped suit accessorized with a charm bracelet of the author's own literary characters, and Portfolio.com as a "simple grey pinstripe suit."  Maybe it's a trick of the light, or maybe Ms. Rowling has cast a confundus charm on the assembled reporters.  But if the evidence in the case is this conflicting, it's no wonder the judge has suggested that the parties settle. 

J.K. Rowling

Thanks to Amal Bouhabib for noticing the fashion law reportage!