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Fendi To You, and You, and You...

The WSJ may have published the "it" bag's obituary earlier this year, but it seems that at least one recent version has been reincarnated -- in knockoff form. 

While Counterfeit Chic has yet to observe a Fendi To You Convertible colorblock bag on the street in New York, there were no fewer than four women carrying copies of this 2007 style on the platform of the No. 6 train this morning.  Maybe they didn't get the memo, or maybe they just couldn't resist a bit of color for spring. 

Original Fendi To You Convertible

Melie Bianco Multi Color Graphic clutch

While these bags didn't appear at a polite distance to be actual counterfeits bearing false Fendi logos, and came in several color variations, could they nevertheless provoke legal action? 

Given the widespread press coverage and recognizable design of the original, trade dress claims may very well be in order.  Fendi itself created a range of colorways, from candy-hued brights to mixed neutrals to black, so the knockoffs' color changes don't necessarily add up to a free pass.  And although the suspiciously similar example above doesn't actually convert from a clutch to a shoulder bag like the original does, its resemblance to the folded-over Fendi is hard to miss.  

In other words, if Fendi gets its clutches on whoever knocked off the Convertible clutch, the clever copyists may be less concerned about colorblocking than about the color of their parachutes.