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Introducing SCAFIDI, Ltd.

Please come and visit my new boutique, SCAFIDI, Ltd.! 

Over the years, many of you have kindly observed that I have more knowledge of fashion and style than the average law professor -- which may be damning with faint praise, but I'll take it as a compliment anyway. One shoe-loving lawyer and dear friend even suggested that I'd missed my calling as a fashion editor. 

Well, I've finally heeded your advice and decided to combine my love of law and passion for fashion in a single enterprise.  After the recent raid, there's space available on Canal Street -- and with the dollar going south, demand for cheap knockoffs of high quality, cutting-edge designer goods is certain to rise.  Yes, I've argued in favor of closing the loophole in U.S. law that allows design piracy -- but in the meantime, I'll be sailing the high seas of fashion with a bandana on my head and a parrot on my shoulder, plundering the best designs from famous fashion labels and struggling young designers alike. 

After all, as I explained to my financial partners, who better understands the peculiar legal distinctions between an illegal counterfeit and a legal knockoff, or protected trade dress and a vulnerable new innovation?  Or how to draft an airtight manufacturing agreement with a sweatshop owner while appearing to adhere to fair trade practices?  And as for those all-important "connections" in shipping and customs, I've been carrying around that vowel at the end of my family name forever (and hearing the usual comments) -- maybe it's time to put it to some use.

But all of that is just between us.  Today is the grand opening of Scafidi, Ltd.!  Come on down, have a drink, and do some shopping!  If you're lucky, I may just throw in some free counsel on the side.

Happy April Fools' Day!  (What, you were still wondering?)  

Many thanks to whatever distant, unknown relation put up the most elegantly lettered sign, and to to Grafica UniRC for uploading the photo to Flickr.