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Doggie Bag

Man's best friend may be his dog, but woman's constant companion is her handbag. 

While Louis Vuitton was feting Takashi Murakami and their wildly successful handbag collaboration at the Brooklyn Museum on Thursday, an artist at a very different gallery space across town was also taking advantage of the Vuitton vibe.  The Honey Space, a usually unattended "no-profit" gallery in a Chelsea warehouse, asked 5 curators to select artists to create works that meet the size and weight requirements of international carry-on luggage.  Perhaps inspired by Vuitton's nineteenth-century origins as a maker of upscale traveling cases, Meryl Smith combined leather, papier-mache, gold paint, and a (fake?) LV zipper to create Excessory Baggage.  Yes, models and actresses are still accessorizing with little dogs, but why try to smuggle your barking purse pup through security when you could settle for convenient faux taxidermy instead?

Meryl Smith, Excessory Baggage, 2008

The Honey Space's Object Salon was on display only March 26 - April 5, but how much was that doggie in the window?  A cool USD $3,000 -- pedigree included, of course.

Many thanks to my Fordham LL.M. student Vibeke Aagaard Sørensen and her dog for noticing Excessory Baggage while out for a walk!