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California Dreamin'

Rami KashouDon't you just hate missing a good fight?  When the L.A. County Bar Association invited me to participate in a debate that took place last week regarding the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, I knew I couldn't make it -- but I also knew that a few sparks were likely to fly. 

As WWD reportsRami Kashou of Project Runway fame expressed the creative designers' point of view in support of legal protection:

"I put...everything into my designs," he said.  "When an idea is invented or comes to life, and people associate a label with that idea, I would definitely hope there is some kind of protection." 

Several attorneys, including occasional Counterfeit Chic correspondent David Erikson, whom longtime readers may recognize as Libertine's lawyer, were on hand to fill in the details.  (Thanks, David!)  Present to offer a negative view was a representative of the group whom WWD politely refers to as "vendors" -- clothing manufacturers not engaged in creative design.  (There are other words for them, some more colorful than others, but not all vendors are copyists who oppose fashion design protection.) 

While the bill isn't on the fast track at the moment, Rami offered a look on the bright side:  "Raising awareness is a good start.  That's how things get passed eventually."

Consider your consciousness raised.