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Dressed for Success?

It's a career-advice cliche:  Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.  And the same goes for your avatar. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that as more students are unable to find paying summer jobs in the real world, they're turning to lucrative online opportunities.  Among these new internet entrepreneurs is Ariella Furman, who's found success doing Second Life videos for clients as prominent as IBM and the World Bank via media tech companies.  Like any job candidate, the 21-year-old filmaker wants to make a good impression:  "Ariella Furman used to dress up her avatar as a geisha or an Amazonian warrior. These days, she sticks to business suits. She wants to look professional when she meets with clients."

And how does one accessorize a virtual business suit?  With a (presumably unauthorized) virtual Vuitton bag, of course. 

Ariella Furman's virtual Vuitton

Memo from virtual the virtual career development office:  Don't try this yourself.  Unless the job title you had in mind was "counterfeiter."

(And yes, my sources tell me that fake handbags periodically show up in real-world interviews as well.  Don't call them, they'll call you.)