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Burberry Orders Heelys to Heel

If you've ever been run over on the sidewalk by a kid who appears to be wearing an innocuous pair of sneakers -- no skateboards, rollerblades, or other wheeled menaces in sight -- then you've encountered Heelys.  The post-millennial generation, it seems, is too busy to stop and change gear in order to shift from walking to gliding.  Hence Heelys, the athletic shoes with an embedded wheel in the heel, allowing the wearer to simply shift his weight back, lift his toes, and roll.  (Or fall over backwards, but that's not really the idea.)

Heelys claims patent protection for the single wheel in the heel, manufacturing methods, and even the proper stance to take when heeling.  And it's not afraid to enforce those patents.

When it comes to others' IP rights, however, Heelys' freewheeling ways may be a bit off-balance.  In a recent complaint, the British luxury brand Burberry claims that Heelys has rolled over its trademark on the iconic Nova Check plaid.  And since one picture is worth a thousand puns, take a look at the evidence:

Might Heelys have simply gone mad for plaid and picked the wrong one?  Not likely, if the not-so-fine print on the box is any indication: