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Penney Dropped

J.C. Penney's award-winning "Speed Dressing" ad, in which 2 teens practice getting their clothes back on quickly in anticipation of hooking up in the basement while Mom is upstairs, is apparently a fake.  And the straightlaced, Texas-based department store is not pleased. 

In today's Wall Street Journal, Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan quotes the chain's chief marketing officer calling the ad "obviously inappropriate" and adding, "We're very disappointed that our logo and brand position were used in that way."  J.C. Penney lit up the telephone lines to its ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, which in turn has blamed Epoch Films, the independent production company that submitted the ad in competition. 

If lawsuits ensue, the likely response will be that the commercial, which concludes with the legend "Today's the day to get away with it," is a parody of Penney's "Today's the day to..." campaign.  However, the widespread belief that the ad was real and its entry in a contest as such won't help the argument. 


Of course, it's also possible that the ad is genuine and that Penneys is trying to both pacify its conservative customer base and appear edgy to a younger generation.  In which case some twisted marketing mind really deserves an award. 

Via Gawker