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Pineapples, Pirates, and a Pop-Up Store

Tired of knockoffs?  In search of the real thing?  Head down to Canal Street! 

No, really.  Loyal Counterfeit Chic readers may remember handbag designer Jennifer Baum Lagdameo of Ananas, who has seen her work copied by everyone from niche catalogs to mass market giants.  In fact, earlier this year she took a brief break from her booth at a trade show, only to see her Emily bag...


...duplicated by a competing vendor.  Right down to the distinctive wooden rings. 

A few quick pics later and said competitor, who may or may not have violated trade show rules, is no longer offering Ananas knockoffs -- at least not in Jennifer's immediate vicinity.

This summer Ananas is planting its pineapples just down the street from New York's counterfeit central, with a pop-up store on Canal Street between Ludlow and Orchard.  So skip the back-alley boutiques offering Prado, Gooyar, and Channel -- and yes, the occasional Ananas copy -- and check out Ananas @ fifty-two (the street address).  Remember to pick up your favorite classic handbag or new eco-chic style soon -- the harvest ends on July 15.