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Still More Baked Fakes

It's bathing suit season -- so if you must have cake, why not make sure it's too pretty to eat?

Counterfeit Chic has reported on plenty of baked fakes and DIY knockoffs, but this is the first recipe combining the two.  In theory, the two-minute CakesMadeEasy.com video will result in your own "Designer Knock Off" purse cake.  In practice, I'm imagining wall-to-wall crumbs and icing up to my elbows.  Still, it's the stuff of sweet dreams:

Legally speaking, yes, that quilting looks familiar -- but from the perspective of several different brands.  The style of the cake, moreover, is fairly generic.  So unless you add interlocking sugar C's or manage to spell out "Marc Jacobs" with your precision piping technique, you're free to rev up that oven.  (Note to SATC fans and denizens of small apartments:  Remove sweaters first.)