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All's Well That Ends Well: LV v. Nadia Plesner

Whatever happened to Nadia Plesner, the young Danish artist who decided to design for Darfur -- using Louis Vuitton trademarks?

 Nadia's design (left) and the LV Audra bag


As Counterfeit Chic readers may recall, LV objected to the unauthorized use, and a brief legal skirmish ensued.   Earlier this summer Nadia's website displayed a protest version of the design:

Now, however, Nadia has established a multi-purpose charitable foundation, whose website makes no overt mention of LV but merely thanks readers for "all the wonderful support of my first Simple Living campaign and the lawsuit."  The original little Sudanese child no longer carries a handbag along with her pink-clad cainine accessory, but she does have a new friend -- "Miss Size Zero 2008." 


And they all lived happily ever after.  Assuming, of course, that the owner of the "Little Miss" family of trademarks doesn't mind Nadia's latest T-shirt/poster campaign: