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Turning Energy into Fashion: Emmett McCarthy, EMC2, and Equation

If conquering the catwalk and being copied are signs that you've arrived as a designer, then Emmett McCarthy is officially "in."

Not only did the Project Runway alum debut his Equation label handbags on the runway in Bryant Park Monday as part of QVC's first forray into New York Fashion Week, but a look from his boutique-exclusive EMC2 line appears to have been knocked off.  Check out the EMC2 satin ruffle coat from Emmett's 2007 holiday collection (left), and the fall 2008 Milly coat (right).  Even hidden details are similar: the EMC2 coat is lined in a black-and-white lace print, while the Milly version has a black-and-white print patch under the label. 

EMC2 (left, USD $875) and Milly (USD $675) 

Happily Emmett is one step ahead of the competition, having already heard a rumor that he'd been copied, and he's recreated the coat in this season's favorite royal purple instead.  Visit his Nolita boutique to try on an EMC2 original, or tune in to his first full hour on QVC this Friday at 4pm.  But don't be unfashionably late -- the popularly priced Equation handbags offered immediately after the runway show sold out at the speed of light.