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Juicy's Familiar Details

Juicy Couture is the only direct brand in Liz Claiborne's painfully culled herd that actually recorded an increase in same-store sales during the third quarter.  But what exactly is driving that increase?  From the sound of things, it may not be creativity -- unless you count creative pilfering.

Suspicions were raised with the accusation that Juicy had infringed Alex & Ani's patented bangle design.  At a substantially higher price.

Then New York Times "Critical Shopper" Cintra Wilson paid a visit to a Juicy boutique.  From half a block away, she noted that "Juicy's window dressers have been worshiping at the altar of Simon Doonan, the creative director at Barneys New York."  Inside the store, the brand's imitative strategy became even more apparent, with designs resembling those of "Tory Burch, whose influence is felt here nearly to the point of plagiarism." 

And now clever Counterfeit Chic reader Amanda K wonders whether anyone else has noticed the similarity between Coldplay's new album cover and several Juicy Couture products.  As she puts it, "I love Juicy, and I love Coldplay, but this is a little weird." 


Or maybe not so weird, if the overall "shutdown in discretionary spending" at Liz is code for eliminating expenditures on actual design.