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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?*

From time to time Counterfeit Chic features works of art that "borrow" fashion-related trademarks, whether for purposes of commentary or cultural reference -- but I've never before considered compiling a catalogue raisonne.  It seems, however, that at least one art aficionado has based his entire collection on prints that flirt with the limits of trademark law.  Perhaps predictably, the guy is an intellectual property lawyer.
Fatbombers conducted an interview with "Giacomo" (surname wisely withheld) discussing some of his prizes, including beejoir's "LV Child" below.  When asked how the trademark holders reacted to these works, he responded by offering examples and noting that, while Louis Vuitton had sued Nadia Plesner, the company had never acted against beejoir.  Might the collector be considering a sideline defending his favorite artists?
beejoir's LV Child 
In any case, should "Giacomo" eventually decide to liquidate his collection, some lucky auction house will have its lawyers working overtime. 
*Who will watch the watchmen themselves?