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Sarah's Other Shopping Spree

Your scary Halloween costume checklist:

  • Beehive hairdo
  • Rimless glasses
  • Lipstick (wouldn't want to be mistaken for a ... oh, never mind)
  • Designer business suit (red, black, white or combination thereof)
  • Pumps (see first two color choices above)
  • Counterfeit accessory (optional)

Eric Wilson at the New York Times started the Sarah Palin knockoff watch with his observation last week that she had arrived at the Alaska governor's mansion the first time wearing "what appeared to be a knockoff Burberry scarf."  Now her youngest daughter has been photographed carrying (Mommy's?) Louis Vuitton bag, also alleged to be fake. 

Even if the luxury bag turns out to be genuine -- perhaps part of that $150K shopping spree -- it doesn't exactly scream all-American hockey mom. 

And if the scarf and bag are indeed counterfeit, Sarah may have to face a few questions about the source of the illegal merchandise and her take on fakes.  Not to mention their association with child labor, organized crime, and, yes, in some cases even funding for terrorism.  (Perhaps you've received some of the spam suggesting that Obama is a Muslim, associates with terrorists, or both.  Imagine what those guys would be writing if one of his daughters instead of one of Sarah's had been spotted with a counterfeit handbag.  Talk about scary.)

Now, back to that brain-eating zombie costume...

Thanks to my fabulous Fordham law student Andrew Wolinsky for the tip!