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Project Runway: Copy Cut


On last night's Project Runway finale, the fireworks over Kenley's copies finally fizzled out as the contestant came in a distant third -- but not before the judges once again noted the similarity between a look from the contestant's collection and the recent work of a renowned designer.  The same Spring 2008 Balenciaga show that Counterfeit Chic suspects inspired Kenley's only individual win during the season apparently also served as the source of one of her final dresses.


 Balenciaga Spring 2008 (left) and Kenley's dress

At least the judges graciously predicted that Kenley would have a bright future in the industry -- and restrained themselves from suggesting that she send her resume to Forever 21.  

The design ingenue, of course, appears determined to persist in her disingenuous denials.  Her last word to the camera, as she dissolves in tears, is to call her designation as a copycat "bullsh*t."  Now there's an argument that will charm editors and win lawsuits. 

But lest copying controversies drown out the other contestants' success, congratulations to winner Leanne and runner-up Korto!

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