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Don't Hug This Tree

Counterfeit Chic does not recommend using artificial scents to cover unpleasant odors.  Perfume is alluring, but no substitute for a shower.  A spritz of Febreze does not confer a dispensation from taking out the garbage.  And if you feel the need to hang one of those tree-shaped air fresheners from the rear-view mirror, it's time to throw out the fast-food wrappers littering the back seat and clean the upholstery. 

Still, those Little Trees® have their fans -- including, it seems, some lurking in the forest of fashion.  Hence the full-page ad that appeared in today's WWD, admonishing against using the familiar design without permission.


It turns out that in the past year, the trademarked design has been the subject of lawsuits against both Old Navy and Rocawear, which incorporated the trees into (presumably unscented) T-shirts.  Given that the trademark holder also markets its own line of tree-bedecked clothing, the fashion labels couldn't quite mask the telltale aroma of infringement. 

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