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Holiday Shoplifting

In difficult economic times, some shoppers eschew luxury labels, while others turn to fakes.  Still others avoid conspicuous consumption altogether, whether the logos are real or just look that way.  But a few determined materialists may choose to indulge their every desire -- with the help of a five-finger discount. 

Shoplifters at Staten Island Mall, however, may find themselves featured in an unexpected photo layout.  15-second ads on mall's electronic bulletin boards display mug shots of past shoplifters, and more faces may be added in the case of future arrests and convictions. 


A clever use of shame to deter crime -- unless delinquent attention-seekers find the idea of being part of the rogues' gallery too appealing to resist.  In which case the mall will have to find other ways of humiliating thieves. 

Counterfeit Chic suggests forcing offenders to wear elf costumes and assist Santa -- though admittedly such a sanction may be both cruel and unusual.