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Glamour Don't

Think you're having a bad fashion day?  It could be worse -- at least you're probably not one of the poor souls identified on the pages of Glamour magazine as a cautionary "don't," your identity semi-protected only by the addition of a black anonymity bar across your eyes.  While Counterfeit Chic usually considers Glamour Dos and Don'ts to be a public service, every now and then a member of this august fashion police force turns out to be a rogue cop. 

Among Glamour's televised "20 Wedding Dos and Don'ts" is an important fashion "don't":  Don't go broke on your wedding dress.  No argument here.  Yes, the dress should be incredibly flattering and worth saving for your granddaughter someday.  No, you shouldn't let the wedding industrial complex convince you that your future marital happiness is directly proportional to the price of your gown.

Some of the budget alternatives suggested on camera include buying secondhand (after all, your pre-owned dream dress was probably only worn for a few hours -- if at all) and looking into your favorite designers' or boutiques' sample sales.   And by the way, there is also a wide range of long, white dresses available without the premium that seems to accompany specialty sales; my own dress was a satin evening gown that the designer happened to have created in white.  Nontraditional color/style choices may yield even better bargains. 

One not-so-Glamourous expert, however, actually advocated buying a knockoff: 

Legal, yes, at least in the U.S.  But it's no wonder that bridal boutiques ban cameras and wedding dress designers resort to copyrighting lace designs and touting the value of authenticity in an effort to gain some traction against design pirates.

Tradition may call for the bride to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue  -- but it's probably better wedding karma if the "borrowed" item is loaned voluntarily.