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Mall of China?

If the Mall of America is a suburban shrine to our national consumer excess, what would a Chinese version look like?

According to one U.K. source, a new shopping center in Nanjing is about to provide an answer.  It's an entire mall consisting of nothing but not-quite-right brands.  After a long morning shopping for the perfect Naik, Dama, or Adidos sneakers to go with your A&G jeans, you can stop for coffee at Bucksstar or grab lunch at McDnoald's.


The counterfeit conundrum is whether this is an actual mall or merely the Mirror's idea of an attention-grabbing photo essay.  Either way, I think I'll pass on the Pizza Huh -- especially if the "huh?" is a reference to mysterious toppings. Sausage is scary enough.

Many thanks to longtime Counterfeit Chic reader Deborah Mason for the tip!