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Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

It's Monday, the evergreen trees have been kicked to the curb, and the last bits of confetti have been swept up from the streets.  Tomorrow's Epiphany notwithstanding, the holidays are officially over.  Whew. 

Here's hoping that you started 2009 by kicking up your heels -- though not necessarily the Forever 21 pair recommended by Time Out New York (right), which bear a strong resemblance to a Christian Louboutin design from last spring (left).  Interestingly, F21 may have been attempting to test the limits of CL's red sole trademark by creating an all-black pair with black soles and an all-red pair with red soles.  Once again, an aesthetic functionality debate may be lurking out there somewhere, but it hasn't yet risen to the surface of the bargain bin.


Meanwhile, the inventors of the ubiquitous novelty spectacles with the new year's numerals are no longer looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.  Richard Sclafani and Peter Cicero have decided to cease production, citing competition from cheap infringements of their design patent (D335,134).  The Seattle Times reports:

"I get depressed on New Year's Eve," says Sclafani. "It used to be such a thrill to turn on the TV, and there were our glasses! Now, all I see is knockoffs."

 Designers Sclafani and Cicero

Happy New Year from Counterfeit Chic!