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Laughter Makes Wrinkles, But Burns Calories

The fashion world is notoriously difficult to parody -- just ask Robert Altman.  Every now and then, however, someone makes the stylish set burst its seams laughing.  Check out WWWD, the spot-on spoof of WWD (with New York Magazine-style party pics), available for download here. With headlines like "Shoes are Back!" and "This Just In:  Alexander McQueen/Bjork collaboration for H&M suspected in Dutch salmonella outbreak," it's the perfect chaser for this year's high-anxiety New York Fashion Week.

The best part?  One of its "Fashion Scraps" even pays tribute to the counterfeit trade:


Actually, that might not be a bad marketing stunt for Escada -- although the rents on those Canal Street cubbyholes are more than you'd think.  At least if the behind-the-wall secret closets are included.