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A Day in the Life of an Indie Designer

Amidst  heated discussions over how many hundreds of millions of dollars worth of knockoffs are sold annually and harrowing reports of copying, counterfeiting, child labor, and organized crime, this mundane daily sales report from a single shop throws the issue into stark, simple relief.  Call it accidental poetry.  

Subject: End of Day 03-04-09

Cold and sunny day.

7 customers walked in.

2 ladies from the UK purchased the Audrey dress and Lana dress, both in black.

They purchased the dresses to manufacture in the UK.

Total $350.00

There oughta be a law.  But until there is, focus your fashion budget on genuine originals from EMC2 or another favorite local boutique -- before some modern day Dorothea Lange starts photographing lonely racks of unsold clothing, sale signs, and empty storefronts.


Many thanks to talented and determined designer Emmett McCarthy for allowing Counterfeit Chic to share this inadvertently eloquent email.