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Topshop Give or Take?

The much-hyped stateside opening of Topshop, the British fast-fashion chain, won't take place until Thursday, but the free promotional tote bags being handed out around NYC have already raised questions of copying.  A Racked reader considers the design suspiciously similar to liner notes of albums from the French record label Kitsune...


...but from a copyright infringement perspective, Counterfeit Chic is unconvinced.  The styles are similar, but none of the actual drawings appear to be repeated.  Moreover, the Topshop tote adds garments, cupcakes, and even a horse's head to the mix.  Perhaps they both came from the same artist, or perhaps the ur-text was the junior-high spiral notebook of a budding caricaturist. 

Either way, Topshop would probably come out on top in the event of a challenge.