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Show Stopper: LV convinces Danity Kane to cease & desist

Danity Kane album coverLouis Vuitton has wrangled a promise of reform from Bad Boy Entertainment and Warner Music Group, who will remove images of LV's trademarks from the eponymous debut album and videos of recently disbanded girl group Danity Kane. 

In its public statement, the luxury goods company politely refrained from pointing out exactly why it didn't particularly care to have its marks associated with DK's particular species of sleazy safari deshabille.  Instead, LV expressed appreciation for the music labels' commitment to educating artists about unauthorized use of others' intellectual property. 

And that goes triple for Sony BMG, who last year was persuaded to pay up after its artists Britney Spears, Da Brat, and Ruben Studdard all partook of the famous LV toile without permission. 

Given the apparently irresistable attraction of its logos, perhaps LV's next step should be to start a music label of  its own.