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Stolen Sh*t

Either several contributors to Overheard in New York reported the same vendor's shtick, or there's a new marketing angle on the street:

Street vendor, yelling: Anyone need coach purses? Anyone need stolen shit?

--Times Square
Overheard by: Sarah and Andrew

Black guy holding purses: Yo! Who wants to buy some stolen shit? I got some nice stolen shit over here.

--Times Square
Overheard by: A Little Too Intrigued

Man selling bootleg designer bags: Anyone want some stolen shit?

--45th St & Broadway
Overheard by: Claire

Yelling man peddling counterfeit purses: Get your stolen shit! Everyone needs some stolen shit! It's stolen in New York, so it still counts as being from New York!

--Time Square

Thug holding handbags: Who want some stolen shit? I'm not gonna lie in 2009. I got Dolce & Gabanna and Louis Vuitton. Who want some stolen shit?

--Times Square


Who's willing to bet that it's only the trademarks that were stolen?

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