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Under London's Bridges

While in London recently, Counterfeit Chic noticed a fair number of people carrying counterfeit handbags -- but none for sale on the streets, apart from a few suspicious items in shop stalls. Why this marked difference in marketing by comparison with other world capitals?  After all, in some cities the fakes are neatly laid out on white sheets on the sidewalk just opposite boutiques selling the real thing. 

The "aha!"  moment, or at least an educated guess, came when I saw this sign set up near St. Paul's Cathedral.  Apparently it's not that the U.K. has managed to end all sales of fake DVDs and watches, but has more or less stopped overt street trading altogether. 


Now I wish I'd taken a closer look at the ice cream truck (decorated with presumably unauthorized Disney characters) doing a brisk business not too far away.  Who knew that there was an illicit trade in vanilla soft serve?